Sertão Games is an independent game studio that develops amazing games for iOs and Android devices focused on player’s fun.

Our Crew

Diogo Vinicius
Experienced software developer and team manager, Diogo is also one of the major enthusiasts of Sertão Games. For the concern of his friends, family and workmates, he fancies cars and has a couple of crashes in his driving record.

Erick (Darth Vader) Passos (personal website)
Erick grew up with electronics kits, MSXs and Ataris. He groks programming and is passionate about game AI. He is also an accomplished CS professor and researcher. Some say his DNA was written in Lisp.

Pedro Alexandre
The “black sheep” at Sertão Games. He’s the one not into computer sciences, being a marketing enthusiast but also passionate about technology. As a child, he always enjoyed puzzles and strategy games (whatever that meant to him at the time).

Wandresson Souza
Best known as ‘wan’, has a software development degree and is fascinated by 3D technology, being a Graphic Designer by vocation. He sees game design as an opportunity to combine programming with his beloved artistic skills.