Sertão Games is an independent game studio from Brazil. We also create tools, packs and tutorials to be used by other game developers.

Current projects:

MOBA in-game GUI

MOBA in-game GUI, showing hero stats (bottom left), minimap (bottom right), hero abilities (bottom), chat (top left) and item store (center).

M.O.B.A – Mech Online Battle Arena: a multiplayer complete project/tutorial made with Photon Network for the Unity Asset Store. Planned for release on April, 2016, it will include all assets, source code, a PDF tutorial and a video series.


PUN Rally [released in Dec, 2015]: popular complete project/tutorial on how to create a multiplayer racing game.
– Buy from the Unity Asset Store
– free PDF Tutorial
– Demos: Win, Mac, Linux

Past highlights:


Cangaço is a real-time tactics and RPG, where you control your group of Cangaceiros (bandits) or Volantes (policemen) for survival in the dangers and battles on the northeast of Brazil during the early 20th century.

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We also like to share tips and some of the tools we create for our games in our  blog.

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