Blog series: my gaming history (part 1)

I thought a lot about what I should write in the first blog post of our game studio, and decided that we should start by sharing some fun stories on our gaming background. I’ll start writing mine, and the other will follow in the next posts.

Last week, my wife and I found an old “Telejogo”, a 1977 Pong clone that was released in Brazil. It belonged to her father, and now it’s ours. Mint condition, working just fine. A couple of days ago, when I showed it to my mom, she said I had a video game back in 1978, which I soon broke down to pieces (I was 2 years old at the time).

She said dad thought that was “high tech” and “advanced”, so I should have it. I concluded that this old video game had to be a “Telejogo” as well, because at the time imported electronics were banned in Brazil, and the aforementioned console was released just the year before.

The first thing I actually remember is when me and my sisters got an Atari clone, as a christmas present from our parents. It was early 80’s (the console was called Gemini), and it came with one cartridge: “Front Line”. I played this one game a lot, but soon I got “Decathlon”, which got me hooked for the next year or so.

The interesting thing about the Gemini Atari clone is that its joysticks were a lot more robust than the original ones. They survived “decathlon”, while my friends had to constantly buy new ones, because theirs couldn’t stand the beating.

It took a whole decade for the 8bit gen to get here, and I remember we got one for christmas as well, the “Phantom System”, a licensed NES clone also produced in Brazil (imported electronics were still banned). This time rented cartridges were a lot more popular, and one of my all-time favorites still is “Battletoads”. I took me forever to beat the “sea-doo” levels.

Then the PC came, and with it the FPS mania. I played all the ID firsts, but I’m very fond of my original Quake 1 copy, still with manual and box. I only came back to consoles when I was able to buy one with my own money, and even that took a lot because I was too hooked with PC games (I still am, in a sense).

Q & A:

First console: It’s supposed to be the “Telejogo” (Pong clone), but the first I remember is the Gemini (Atari 2600 system).

Favorite console of all time: SNES (I didn’t gave one myself, but it is my favorite).

Favorite game of all time: Farcry on the PC.

Best touch game: One that we’ll still release…:)

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