New games on the way

This post is full of news… We’ll briefly talk about two brand new games that are currently under development at our studio: Bugs and Cangaço.

Mr. Ladybug

Your friend Mr. Ladybug

Bugs… Lots of bugs in your iPad screen… But you won’t smash them this time. They’re your friends, you’ll help them collect food for surviving the incoming winter.

This is the new game we from Sertão Games are working on. There’ll be line drawing, strategy and tower defense mechanics all in one.

Bugs is in one word: FUN! Check our friends’ first reaction to a very early prototype of only one of the mechanics:

They seem to be having fun...

They seem to be having fun...

Bugs is based on new game mechanics and balance and is being developed with all our passion. In the following posts, we’ll share our progress as we go. But this is not the only news we have:

Cangaço is becoming a reality. Cangaço is the working title of a brand new game that tells the story of the almighty cangaceiros, the rulers of this remote region, that gives its name to our studio, during nearly half a century. Cangaço will be the first 3D game from Sertão Games and will be released simultaneously for PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Stay tunned for the next announcements.


Ready to take control of your team of cangaceiros?

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