Blog series: my gaming history (part 2 – Jader)

My True Game Story

“The ways that game design meaningfully connects to the many experiences in your own life…”

Jesse Schell, in The Art of Game Design

This post was written as a kickstart for my personal blog and replicated here at the Sertão Games website. I’ll talk about my personal experiences as a gamer and tell a little bit of this new journey as a game developer, which just begins to play its magic in me. Continue reading

Blog series: my gaming history (part 1)

I thought a lot about what I should write in the first blog post of our game studio, and decided that we should start by sharing some fun stories on our gaming background. I’ll start writing mine, and the other will follow in the next posts.

Last week, my wife and I found an old “Telejogo”, a 1977 Pong clone that was released in Brazil. It belonged to her father, and now it’s ours. Mint condition, working just fine. A couple of days ago, when I showed it to my mom, she said I had a video game back in 1978, which I soon broke down to pieces (I was 2 years old at the time). Continue reading