Dark Side of the Jam 2013

Sertão Games was a satellite location for the 2013 Dark Side of the Jam, a NASA-hosted game jam.

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The Games

Awesome Jam. All 5 teams finished their games. Congratulations to all 17 participants.

CanadArm (Best Game Award)

CanadArm (Best Game Award)

CanadArm (Best Game Award)

Ramon Melo, Ângela Pereira, Luciano Rocha

Game Binary (Mac Windows Linux)
Presentation (pptx)
Instructions (pdf – english)

Horus: Space Gathering (2nd place)



Rafael Lins, Decio Oliveira, Fernando Cesar

Web Game (Link)
Release (pdf – english and portuguese)

Adventure in the Red Planet (3rd place)

Adventure in the Red Planet

Adventure in the Red Planet

Anderson Farias, Erivanio Vasconcelos, Deyvid Lopes, Ulisses Santana

Game Binary (Windows Mac – Linux soon)
Release (pdf – english and portuguese)

Rover Explorer (4th place)

Rover Explorer

Rover Explorer

Lucas Aquiles, Hugo Cordeiro, Thonny Cleuton

Game Binary (Windows Mac Linux)
Instructions (txt – english)

Finished Games Presentation


News about our Satellite Jam

Local Globo TV
G1 Portal (disclaimer: when this was written, we were the only confirmed satellite outside North America. Later Novo Hamburgo joined)

Sertão Games Satellite

There are no more places left (não há mais vagas, infelizmente).

You can still follow updates by liking our fanpage for Sertão Games-hosted jams (in portuguese). Don’t forget to check the official Dark Side of the Jam website.

The game Jam will start at 6pm on Friday (with a warm-up presentation on game design and tools) and “end” at 8pm local on Sunday, with the finished-games presentation by the participating teams. We will roughly follow the main NASA Ames Jam Schedule.

Food Options

The organisation will keep the place plenty of food and beverages during the event. There are also Subway, Domino’s and other fast food options a couple of blocks away.

What to Bring

Laptop computer
Sleeping bag + clothes (there’re rest and shower rooms available)
Lots of enthusiasm

List of confirmed participants:

Fernando Jr.
Hugo Cordeiro
Lucas Aquiles
Angela Pereira
Ramon Mello
Décio Oliveira da Silva
João Elias de Siqueira Júnior
Luiz Filipe Neves da Costa
Erivanio Rodolfo Vasconcelos de Souza
Thonny Cleuton
Carlos Pazuzu
Rafael Lins
Luciano Rocha
Deyvid Lopes
Ulisses Santana
Andre Leonardo Menezes Bevilaqua
Anderson de Oliveira Farias
Renan Couras
Daniel da silva gattai
Jose alves fortes neto
Victor Zerbini Oliveira da Silva

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